June 05, 2010

what about free Turkey?

International political agenda is now full of the latest crisis over Gaza. It is pretty much complicated, and as far as i see it, nobody is right. And in a situation like this when nobody is right, it is pretty much easy to emphasize the faults of the other side so that you try to look pretty. in my opinion, this flotilla called Free Gaza was a very well staged play, and it really served its purpose. now there is a bigger public opinion against Israel for all that shit they have done to Palestinians. but as i said, this is a very complicated issue, and my humble opinion on this issue will not likely change any minds, so just skip it, at least for now.

on the other hand, while Turkish Republic is nowadays chanting for "Free Gaza", it is time that Turkey herself looks at her own problems with freedom. Today, i spent hours to find a way to access the youtube site. now, it has been very long since youtube was banned in Turkey. but it wasnt really a very strict ban and everybody could access youtube easily. and, when I say everybody, it is indeed everybody, including the Prime Minister Erdogan, who once said that he can access youtube, which was a weird thing for a prime minister to say. But, it has been extremely hard to access youtube for almost like a week. I don’t know what, but Turkey made some serious changes so it is now much harder to access youtube.

Today, I spent all my free time to find a way to access youtube. Well, my solution was to use TOR, which is indeed very efficient but also very slow. A friend of mine, thankfully, suggested me another way. He sent me a list of ips and told me how I can change the host file so that I can access any file I want to access. I tried it, and now I can access youtube and some other google sites which were banned so aggressively. but the thing is, I really spent a lot of time while trying to figure how I can fix the problem.

So, I totally support free Gaza, and those people who try to say that this is a plot of political Islam without mentioning the cruelty of Israel can go to hell or wherever else they desire to, but I want a free Turkey as well.


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