April 22, 2011


In one of my previous posts, i talked about the movies that mention Turkey or something Turkish. Well, this might be a good category and i wil try to post about the movies which include something Turkish in it.


The movie Unknown opens with a Turkish dialogue, or you can better say a monologue. It is a phone talk actually. Liam Neeseon and his wife goes to Germany to attend to a seminar. And they take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. And the taxi drivers talks in Turkish on the phone all the time. And it is fun because he doesn't talk something nonsense but something which makes sense, somethnig which anybody can talk about.

This blog is not about spoilers so i will leave the rest to you.

April 18, 2011

the real deal

i used to think that even if there is heaven and hell, they should not be in he way they are described in holy books. i mean, it is pretty obvious that the most common heaven and hell concepts directly appeal the basic insticts of men (not men as in male, but men as in humans -  even though they are mostly male oriented). so i always thought heaven and hell should be about something else, and the average description is nothing more than a metaphor. and honestly, it is quite hard to understand why almost everything we consider sin here is going to be free and available forever in the afterlife.

World of Warcraft Battle Chestbut, have you ever played any virtual reality games? second life for example is quite popular.  and there is another virtual reality game whose ads i see all the time and i think it is pretty much sex oriented. in fact it doesn't have to be an alternative-to-real-life game. for example the game world of warcraft is a rather old but still very popular game which provides you an online complete universe with its own set of rules, full of orcs and trolls and dragons and such.

The Sims 3: Generationsand of course lets not forget the legendary life-simulation game the sims. even though i never enjoyed the simulation system of the series, they allow you to create and play and enjoy a completely new life.

the thing about these games is, they still feel like a game and there is probably a long way before they start to feel like the real deal. but don't bet that they will never reach that point, because obviously, they are going to reach. and one day,  you will wear a helmet maybe and find yourself in a virtual world which is not so virtual any more.

at this point, i wonder what if this is all about a game? Perhaps, this is really a computer code and we are just shades in this world. what is worse, we may not even be closely related to the actual player who is playing a virtual reality game in a much more advanced world. well, if we can do it even today, why shouldn't somebody else with a far more advanced technology do it?

well, if this is really a computer code which started suddenly and created this universe right after a complete blankness as it is told in the holy books, then there is a big chance that everything we are told about after life is going to happen as they are told. because someıne designed it to be like that.

April 12, 2011

one life

Lie to Me: Season Twoin one of the episodes of the tv show Lie To Me, a woman pretends as if she is crazy just to get into a mental hospital,  because she thinks this is the only way to hide from a psychopath who she had met when she was a teenager. now,  she is afraid of him, and needs to hide from him, so she thinks this is the best option for her

and i try to understand the kind of a life spent in a mental hospital just because you are afraid of a person out there, and naturally, you need to survive. so thanks god this is just fiction and nothing in this show can be related to a real life situation.

Changelingso what about the movie Changeling, based on a true story? In this film, Christine Collins, played by Angelina Jolie is put into a mad house only because she insists that the kid police has found is not her missing son and her son is still missing. and the police locks her in a mad house because this crazy woman challenges their authority. it sounds wild, but it is a true story.

and i wonder, how easy it is for some people to ruin other people's lives, as if life itself is not hard enough without their harrasment -if only the word harrasment can fit into this.

almost every day, you can read the story of a poor woman in Turkey who is murdered by someone close to her, sometimes because of the most stupid reasons. a woman says her husband "what kind of a man are you," and the guy has to kill her to prove what kind of a man he is. a 50 something year old man kills his 37 year old wife because he is too jealous and the woman insists going on even though he tells her never to go out.

the lives end all of a sudden because of an asshole who has obvioulsy not understood what it means to be a human being.

in this country, you can even die just because you are in a bus whose driver thinks that the red light is for other drivers.

unfortunately, this is not a movie, or a game which you can start all over again if you die. no, this is the real thing (well i sort of doubt that actually but let me explain it some other time). this is the one and only life we have, and it is hard enough even without those assholes around you. and it is just unfair that a poor soul has to deal with such a menace.

but yet, i never heard that life is fair anyway.