June 07, 2010

cats and dogs and parents

today, it was raining cats and dogs in istanbul. and it was really horrible. in the three minutes i walked from the bus to home i got totally soaked. it was that bad. and while walking home, right in the middle of our alley, there were two kids at ages of 5 and 7 presumably, and most probably they were brothers, playing outside.

these two kids were playing outside, and when i saw them, they had already got extremely wet. they were just two kids and they really didnt care the rain. instead, they enjoyed it. they were swimming any kind of objects on the flowing water, and they seemed to have great fun.

BUT, what kind of a mother allows her children play outside in that rain? i mean, i am really not talking about some light rain. they suspended the schools for god sake, this is serious. or maybe it is not that serious but the government failed big time in the flood last year, so they get alarmed in every drop of rain. but no matter what it was a heavy rain and those kids werent supposed to play outside in that weather.

so they were just two cute boys, thats for sure, but i will tell you what, i have no doubt that they will turn into some real troublemakers in ten years. if they have parents who dont care what their little children are doing in the fucking rain, then god kows what those kids will start doing in no time. damn, i am really pissed.


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