April 02, 2012

the farest place from heaven on earth

When I first heard that Nicholas Cage was in Turkey for the shootings of some of the scenes of the movie Ghost Rider 2, i simply thought: "It probably won't worth for all this media fuss." And it didn't indeed.

The first movie was a big dissapointment for me. And I wasn't expecting much from the second movie - which turned out to be anotherdisaster. And also, it was probably one of the worst (if not worst ever) performances of Nicholas Cage, especialy in that scene where he was threating a bad guy to speak with releasing the devil inside. That was a horrible performance.

But I will cut the chase.

It turned out in the movie that, Uzak Gökten, a fictional place in Turkey was the farest point from heaven on earth. Some people might be offended with that, but honestly, İ found it quite amusing - just like the rest of the movie, it was simply silly, nothing more.. And honestly, I don't know how low budgeted this movie was, but I wish the producers had given a dime or two to a decent trasnlator so that they wouldn't have translated the phrase "Far from heaven" in the lamest way ever.

There's another movie which was shot in Turkey, recently: Taken 2 - or whatever its official name will be.  Even though i can't really stand seeing Liam Neeson doing all that fake action stuff, I must admit that the first movie had some quality in it. However, the problem with the first movie was that, it was almost a racist movie in which this cool CIA agent kicked the asses of everybody he saw in France. And there wasn't even one single good guy in entire France in the entire movie. So I guess the sequel in Istanbul will be very interesting to watch.