July 28, 2012

the pattern, part 2

When Kurdish terrorist group PKK was first established in mid 80s, they started to attack Kurdish villages, massacring everybody, including children and even babies. Later on, they started to attack public servants such as teachers, doctors and imams. Today, they shifted to mostly military targets to claim that they're freedom fighters, not some bloody terrorists. But that's what they are.

And interestingly, whenever PKK attacked, it was Turkish Republic to blame. It was extremely hard to tell the world that these people were ruthless killers. Instead, the world was more interested in violations of Kurdish rights in Turkey. 

In my previous post, I said that defending the opposite of the situation was also impossible. Actually, this is the big trick. Honestly, Turkey doesn't have a good human rights report, and it would be insane to claim something such as "Kurds are not oppressed." No, of course they were oppressed but they only got their share, just like everybody else in this country. It is not even semi-true if you try to put it as if Kurds are the only people who have been suffering. And it is definitely evil if you sound like the Kurdish terrorist movement is right - even if you put a pathetic footnote that you don't approve their violent methods.

And, trying to improve the Kurdish rights -whatever they might ever be- without giving a shit about the overall democratic improvement which covers every single person in this country, is simply wrong. And it doesn't help the cause you claim to support. 

It is important to see this pattern, because it is everywhere. In my previous post, I mentioned about the similarities between the so called Free Syrian Army and PKK.   They operate in the same way. And today, it is always the Syrian government to blame. 

Of course, it is almost impossible to defend the Syrian regime. It would be insane to claim that they're clean. However, this doesn't change the fact that Free Syrian Army is nothing but an opportunist rebellious group who cause extremely violent conflicts in Syria. 

Last decade, Syria was harboring PKK. Today, we are harboring the Free Syrian Army. And they are both equally wrong. 

It is also very important to see that, i am not actually talking about two different but very similar situations. As a matter of fact, both of these conflicts are the part of the same international scheme. And this scheme is not only limited to modern times. Actually, it has some very deep roots. 

July 22, 2012

oh look, i saw a pattern

There is an evil regime in Syria and they don't hesitate to kill their own people just to stay in power. And the world has to do something to protect Syrian people against their own government.

This is the kind of bullshit they want you to believe if you are following the main stream media. Thanks God now we have internet which lets us hear the same story from different vantage points which may help you see the bigger picture.

Of course, the opposite is not true and that's actually the big deal with the mass media. They only take a part of the facts and present it as if it is the truth, the only truth. And when you say there's something wrong with it, you suddenly find yourself defending something which probably isn't worth defending.

What I'm simply saying is, they don't tell you the truth and as a matter of fact, I don't think you need to be a genius to figure this out.

The Syrian government is obviously not the best government in the world. They have tons of flaws, and Syria has a lot to improve to become a fully functional democratic state. That's one thing. However, the so called Free Syrian Army is nothing but a bunch of rebels who are in possession of weapons which they can't normally afford. And when civilans die because of a conflict between the rebels and the official army, it is generally the rebels who initiate the massacre. You are free to make your own research and prove me wrong. And this is another thing. 

And what I hate the most about all this mayhem is that Turkey is harboring those rebels. They tried hard not to leak the news, but now it is a known fact. And Turkish goverment is doing this because...? Right, because there is an evil regime in Syria who  kill and torture their own people and they need to be protected. 

But I have been watching this entire child-play for decades and it really amazes me how Turkish people cannot see the pattern here. Turkish Republic has actually been dealing with the same kind of problem for at least 3 decades and we have been receiving the same kind of reaction in our war against Kurdish rebels, PKK.

It is almost the same. PKK attacks the villages, even towns, kills people, kills babies, along with countless Turkish public servants such as teachers, doctors, and of course, soldiers, and it is always Turkish Republic to blame.

Again, the opposite is not true and I don't say that Turkey has no fault in this. On the contrary, Turkey handled a lot of things in the worst  possible way, but this simple fact does not justify another simple fact that PKK got immense foreign support which helped them keep salughtering and slaughtering and slaughtering.

What seems like a very bad joke is the fact that Syria backed PKK and harbored their bloody leader Ocalan for decades, and then they were forced to send him away to first Russia and then to Italy. He found a good shelter in Italy for about a month and i will never forget and forgive how Italians were eager to support him. Later on, when Italy was finally forced to send Ocalan away, he was caught in Kenya with a Greek passport. 

There are amazing similarites between how Kurdish rebels operated in Turkey and how the so called Free Syrian Army is operating right now. People of Syria might have rightful demands but the way how they make their claim is as evil as the official Syrian government is told to be. And there is an open international support for the Syrian rebels, and Essad is being scorned in every opportunity.

They are both the part of the very same game. It is exteremely important to realize that we are not looking at two similar international plots but one. And as a matter of fact, this plot has far deeper roots than you can imagine and i will be talking about that in another post.