December 14, 2012

what is this pouncer app?

If you've watched the Hit and Run movie, then you can't have missed it. They talk about this pouncer app all the time. And I wonder what the hell it is? I just don't get it.

No, of course I don't mean I don't get what it is for. Well, you can't have missed it, they talk about it all the time. It is almost like this application is sort of their sponsor and they're trying to promote it. And that's kind of funny, because it turns out that the original application has another name and they didn't allow the producers use their name, whatever their reasons might be.

I am sorry for all those who loved the movie, but I really don't get what kind of  lame dialogues this movie has. I mean, they actually talk more than 1 minute to describe what this application does, and I can't stop thinking "Do they think the audience is stupid? Or are they just trying to promote it?" In a natural flowing movie dialogue, it really shouldn't take more than one or two lines to describe what it is all about. Just mention it once and let the movie flow, and let the app do its thing. Don't repeat it over and over again. Yet, they just don't stop.

OK now, for those who haven't watched the movie and love to hear a spoiler about it, this is what it does: It finds gay people. You log in, and the application finds other users near you who have logged in too. So if you want to find someone like minded, well, there you go.  And the name of the original application is Grindr.

If you want to read something more positive and informative about the movie and even the Pouncer App, you can click here.


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