Movies You Will Probably Never Watch

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

The slow paced and melancholic tone of the movie which pretty much reminds me of Dostoyevsky novels captures you right from the beginning, and you keep watching what these men are doing and talking about, even though it doesn’t necessarily get anywhere.

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Dance With The Jackals

What If a Devout Muslim Accidentaly Does Drugs?

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A Post-Marriage Turkish Romantic Comedy

A typical romantic comedy tells us the story of a loving couple who finally reach the happy ending after a lot of troubles they have to endure. Turkish movie What About Later makes a little twist, and tells us a post-marriage story, as the title appropriately suggests.

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In the Pursuit of 40 Million Euroes

€40M constantly change hands and the initial transporter has a very limited time to find it back in this Turkish movie.

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The Majority

Even though the movie Majority was highly praised in the festivals, the respond from the box office was pretty weak. Actually, this is quite a common pattern in Turkey, because there is obviously a "festival movie" genre which has nothing to do with the box office. I honestly believed that Majority could have been an exception, because it has a very good story with a strong story telling.

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A Turkish Zombie Movie

A group of people go to a wedding in an island close to Istanbul city. These are just some typical people at a very typical wedding. Suddenly things change with zombies coming from nowhere start to attack and eat people.

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JUNCTION, A Turkish drama about intercepting tragedies

In a workspace, you are not welcome bring your tragedies with you. You are asked to leave your personal problems at home and devote yourself to your work. However, our lives are not made of modular units so that we can lock some of them in a box. And what is more, just because we are not talking about them does not mean our personal tragedies doesn't effect our whole life.

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MOMY, I AM SCARED is a great comedy from the turkish director Reha Erdem

You will definitely love the story if you love the kind of stories in which things suddenly goes crazy because of misunderstandings and lies which are told to hide something else, and of course, some
unfortunate coincidences.

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IN DARKNESS. Another great movie from a
talented Turkish director.

It tells us a story of a loser, who lives with his mother at the age of
30 something. Unfortunately, his mother is a true nut case who hasn’t
stepped out of the house for very long years.

SEPARATIONS. A movie about a
glimpse of Ottoman history.

The film “Separations” reflects, from a historical perspective, the
emotions and thoughts of the of Ottoman governing elite that was
searching for accord in East-West relations.

USTA / MASTER, A turkish movie
about a man with a passion.

The movie tells us the story of Dogan as he tries to fulfill his
childhood dream and comes to the verge of losing his family and his
friends on his journey.

INTERNATIONAL, a great turkish comedy.

This particular movie has  been highly appreciated by the critics,
and I believe it deserves them all. What is more, I sincerely believe
that this is a masterpiece of Turkish cinema.