March 24, 2012

moody when sleepy

Some time not so long ago i had a harsh dialogue with one of my  clients. Even though my intention was to take things easy, i just couldn't help but speak in a harsh tone. The client wanted to change the initial agreement we had due to change of situation. Well, that simply meant they changed their mind about a project, and my biggest error in here was not to estimate this change of mind in the first place even though it was quite foreseeable.

But, I was planning to find a middle way which pretty much meant that i had to sacrifice things.

But the dialouge didn't go in that way. I told them that I should not be the one who suffers because they changed their mind about something.

I tend to define myself as a mild mannered person and i usually try to find a way to solve a problem even though it usually means that i will be the one who has to pay the price. But when I don't sleep much, my mood changes. I tend to get angry easily at almot anything and my level of tolarence makes a very big fall. So i lose my flexibility, ususally along with my manners and I play rude before you know it - which actually means i become franker than you would like me to. 

The next day, when I have a good sleep, i pretty much regret the way i talked the day before, mainly because i really don't feel like that kind of a guy.

And sometimes i wonder, which one is better? Because seriously, the moody me is really better at protecting my rights while the milder me agrees for 50% of the initial agreement, only the very next day. However he is also more likely to lose a client who i really need.  I really don't know.

March 16, 2012

don't mix milk with the orange juice

In a typical sunday morning when i have proper time to have a proper breakfast with my wife, i pretty much love to mix different flavours. I mix honey with cheese or egg. And I find it pretty delicious. Interestingly, I met many people who just can't understand how delicious this is. It is a taste bomb for me, and yet, many people think that it is rubbish.

My enthusiasm to mix different flavors is not actually limited to breakfast only. For example in a typical lunch time in the office where they serve all the dishes at the same time, i usually take bites from different plates in random order, rather than finishing one dish and then starting the next one - as most people would do. But I would like note at this point that I don't do it as much as I used to do in the past, simply because I restricted most of the stuff I eat. For example, I never eat bread  (at least) in lunch time, or rice, or pasta, or any kind of desserts. So, my options to mix things is pretty much limited.

I also would like to note that I am aware of the fact that there are a lot of people like me. But let me not digress.

The point is, I am open to experimenting with flavours. More than most of the people, actually. I tried to make latte with sweet melons for god's sake - which was a disappointment, but at least i tried. 

Yet, there are things even I know that you should not mix. Like milk and orage juice. I love them both, but mixing them is not a good idea. They're both delicious in their own way, but their chemistry don't get along.


Ok, don't get me wrong. I love them both. I mean, I'm a loyal Metallica fan. I didn't abondon them even when it was a cool thing to abondon them especially right after their Black album. I'm naturally not a fanatical fan as I used to when I was a teenager, but I still adore them.

And I like Lou Reed, too. I'm not a big fan, but I like him and I never switch off the radio if he plays, as opposed to many other performers.

But come on, the mixture of Metallica and Lou Reed is nothing but a freak. They're both good at what they're doing, but they're simply not in the same lane. Actually, they're not even in the same continent. And I thoght they all were good musicians to figure it out before trying.

And here is a sample of what they have done. Listen and decide yourself.

March 09, 2012

Poisonous Spoiled Watermelons

I read an article about a watermelon which was forgotten in a corner in the kitchen. So it got spoiled.

The bottom line of the article is that, there are things we tend to keep in a corner planning  to deal with them  in a more appropriate time,  but we totaly forget about them until they get totally rotten. So we should either do things at the exact time of initial intention, or we should just ignore them and focus on what we are really interested in doing.

The way i try to deal with my spoiled watermelons is to-do lists. Actually, I kind of build my life around them. You see, I'm kind of a guy who is interested in various and somehow unrelated subjects. And as a matter of fact, it is not a bad thing. Because, the way i see it, if you want to be very good at something, you need to work on every aspects of it. I believe in total-body workouts for a fit body rather than trying to improve each muscle separately. So, if you want to be a soccer player and you feel like your left kick isn't as good as you want it to be, it is a better idea to try to improve your overall game playing rather than just trying to improve your left kicks.

But to be honest, the subjects i am interested in are pretty much different than each other, and they don't feel like related. It's like playing voleyball most of the time while in fact you know that you should do something about your left kick. But trust me, they are actually very well related - and how they can't be? After all, they're the aspects which make me the guy who I am now.  

But who has the time to do all that stuff? I am talking about studying statistics (yes I do that) and read Shakespeare afterwards, improving my memory skills and trying to to code a computer software. And who has the time to do all of them, especially if you already have a very busy agenda in the office? So, to-do lists really help me because this way O can make sure that everything is sorted and I will have time to deal with them eventually.  But the problem is, the watermelon in the kitchen can still get rotten before I finally get a chance to touch it after finishing other jobs.

And I realized that it makes me really very angry when I am behind my own schedule, and unfortunately, I am almost always behind it. Well, it is kind of okay if i am behind the schedule,  but it realy drives me mad when i can't finish something i've started no matter what the reason is. So you see, my watermelons are poisonous because they are bad for my nerves when they are rotten.

And if you want to read the article where I got this watermelon idea, you can read it here.