June 06, 2010

the LOST finale

Today, my wife and i watched the last episode of the highly popular tv series Lost. We're always behind the schedule with such things for two main reasons. The most important reason is, i think, we don't really feel obligated to follow thw popular culture and therefore we don't give a shit whan it was first aired. We make our own schedule. And th second reason is: i have to confess if i must that, we dont watch tv, but we do watch tv series, if you know what i mean.

One of the downsides of not following the schedule is the risk of being imposed to the spoilers, which was the case for the LOST series. of course, i couldnt avoid all those comments regarding rthe lost finale.

The interesting thing is, i was pretty much expecting a very awful finale. I didnt read any exact spoiler which told how exactly the show ended, but i pretty much got an idea. and one of the most phrases i have heard was "i lost my last six years" or such. well, i dont agree.

i really enjoyed the show and how it ended. it is true that it doesnt really expalin all of the mysteries, but it concludes well enough, or smart enough to ignore it. and after all, the show shouldnt be about "what is all about this island," but it should be about "what happened to all these people." and we now know what happened to them.

so ok, this much of spoiler is enough from me.  all i want to say is, i just liked how it ended.


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