June 08, 2010

always forgetting things

since the rain stopped, i found the courage to go to my wing-tsung studio today. a quick note to myself, i should learn how to spell that correctly. while packing my bag this morning to take it with me to the office, i dont know where my head was but i forgot to take my towel with me. ok, not a very big deal actually and i can survive without the towel i use during the practice, but i really get angry with myself when i forgot such little things. after all, it is not rocket science and all it needs to focus like 10 seconds. not more. and yet, i cant even manage that. this is actually what makes me angry. and the more i think about it, the more i get angry with myself.

so the training is at 8:30 pm, meaning i have to stay in the office for a couple of hours. and if it doesnt start raining like crazy, i will go to the studio.


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