June 04, 2010

i need time management

it is obvious and it is proven one more time, today. im very bad at time managing. today was a true loss of time in the office for my part. well now, it is not all my fault and im pretty much dependant to third parties in doing busisnes. this means that, i have to wait for orher people to do their job before i can even start. but even though this is the case, there are several things i can do other than checking my twittter updates while waiting for others. yet i dont do that.

the thing is even worse at home. it is really  good thing i really improved my ms office macro skills so that i can handle a job in seconds which could have lasted for hours manually. yeah, thats really amazing. and what am i exactly doing with my spare time? right: blogging. and i havent even finished that job which should have never taken mpre then 10 minutes. how long has been it been now? err, like 5 hours. it is 2 AM in the morning now and there arent really any excuses why i havent finished the job yet.


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