June 08, 2010

colossal rains

i am suffering from the consequences of underestimating the flood alert. nothing life threatening yet, or at least not in where ive been to and not yet, but still it is extremely wet. wet as in my underpants. the rain i mentioned yesterday seems like child play when compared to what we are having. this is the kind of rain which took lives last year in istanbul. so i thought the government is now trying to be over-cautious to avoid the very hard and rightful criticism.

i should have really took my coat with me today, but trusting that we are in june, i skipped that. and that was a mistake who hates to carry umbrellas. yes, i really hate those things. and my sweatshirt with the hood was far from protecting me from the colossal rain of istanbul. and i am totally soaked in the office now. i think i will skip the wing-tsung practice for today. 


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