July 01, 2010

butterfly effect in istanbul

we are having very weird days here in istanbul regarding the weather. it is cloudy and rainy most of the time and it is not normal. what's worse is, it is not stable and can change very quickly. i mean, i heard the thunders yesterday at noon time, and i think it rained a bit, but when i left the office in the evening, it was hot and shiny. and this is really very abnormal.

personally, i really enjoy rainy weather. it is far better than the sweaty summer days but i fear that this will have some serious consequences. for example, take the butterflies. there are a lot turkish tweets around about the butterflies indoors. everybody's guess is, they are trying to save themselves from the rain and the cooler weather coming with that. we have a butterfly in our apartment too. i dont touch her, trying to help her survive as much as i can in my kind of way. but now i wonder, how many of them couldn't find a secure shelter and just died?

and you don't really need to be an ecosystem expert to figure that dead butterflies are going to have some negative effects on the overall survival of the planet.


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