July 08, 2010

kissing with eyes wide open or shut?

I haven't watched the movie Going the Distance yet, but I just finished translating the trailer. Seems like another romantic comedy which may attract you if you are into the genre.

Anyway, somewhere in the trailer, two guys hug because one of the guys have an emotional issue and the other guy, probably his best friend, is trying to comfort him. And a third guy asks: "Why do you close your eyes", suggesting that this other guy might have a thing for him. Sort of funny.

Well now, even though the line is pretty much self-explanatory, it can only be funny if you aware of the suggestion that closing your eyes while kissing / hugging / etc.  is an indication of true love. Is that really so? I mean, maybe I want to keep my eyes open to see her more, right? Or otherwise, I might be fantasizing about another woman when I close my eyes while kissing.

They wouldn't really use it if they doubted this joke wouldn't be clearly understood, at least not in a trailer in which there is no space to explain things. At least not in the international version. But you see, they made the joke and I am pretty sure everybody will catch it.
But I wonder, is this just another bullshit from the silly women magazines, or is there any truth in it. I personally don't think so.  


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