July 05, 2010

the dark movies we like

i just finished a pretty dark turkish film, a losers gig, if you will. i plan to write a review about it and i will let you know under the appropriatly named page "movies you will probably never watch.", if i ever write it. but, i can't stop thinking about what really attracts me about this movie in particular, and all the dark movies in general.

it must probably have something to do with the losers these movies show us. the more realistic the characters are the more we seem to enjoy it. because they sort of makes us think: "oh, thank god, this is not my life." interestingly, we all have things in our lives, and if captured from the right perspective, our lives  might also be presented as a great dark movie. at least, i know i have. so it must some kind of a relief to see the pains of others.


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