July 18, 2010

kill bill, romantik and the foreign factor

Romantik was one of the movies i watched as a part of my 4 Nights 4 Turkish Films project i mentioned in the previous post. After watching it, i got online to see the reivews about the film and saw that there is a wide range of responses as it is always.

Some liked it, and some hated it.

For me, this particular movie can be a perfect study case to prove that a movie is nothing without a proper script. If you watch it, you will see that almost all the scenes are shot with an artistic approach. The music is great, the angles are great, some may not like it but the acing is great, too, and the acting reflects just exactly what it should reflect.

But the story is horrible. I don't even consider some very crude flaws in the script regarding calendar. The events are supposed to happen 20 years after a spesific incident happened, meaning that the main guys must be older than 30, but yet, they were still students. But just never mind about that.

The story is cheesy, and i really think this is what the director Sinan Çetin intented in the first place. Considering how well the scenes are crafted, i am pretty sure that this not a case of bad script choice but a deliberate attempt.

You may find this stupid or may be even offending, but i really think that there is a resemblance between the movie Romantik and Kill Bill, directed by Tarantino. Some may suggest that the two has nothing in common other than the fact that they both are a story of vengeance. And this doesnt mean anything because there are tons of movies based on vengeance. Maybe half of the movies in the world are based on vengeance somehow.

But, it is not the vengeance i am referring to. I think these two movies are alike because of the same style they have adpoted. They both have a very cheesy story, and they have no problem with that. Instead, they try to make the best of the visual treat at each scene no matter how stuid the story is.

But, now im thinking local, if you ask people in Turkey who loved the movie Kill Bill whether they liked the movie Romantik or not, I am sure that there will be a significant percentage who will say they hated the latter. Why is that?

I think that is the foreign factor. The story in Kill Bill is already a foreign one for the Turkish audience, so they can more easily accept the pecularities in the movie, not really differentiating what is realistic and what is bullshit. But when they watch a Turkish movie which is supposed to tell a Turkish story, they know what is realistic and what is bullshit, and it is harder for them to buy it.

It is funny though, there are a lot Hollywood films I have watched and said "If we made this movie we would curse the director for the crap. But somehow we watch and enjoy this American movie." I belive that's the foreign factor.


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