July 13, 2010

another pyramid scheme with no online activity involved

My cousin from second degree, if not third, mentioed me about this pyramid shopping thing last Friday in which you are supposed to make lots of money when you convince just 4 people to buy this plan for €150 or more. And they have to finf 4 other people and so and so. No thanks, not for me. It may turn out to be the next geat business opportunity, but still it is not for me. And I just couldn't explain this to him.

So we met after work hours today. And he and his friend tried to explain me how this system works. The more they explained the more I lost my interest. And I was just too gentle to stop them right in the middle, so they kept talking. Well, in the end I had to apologize anyway for making them talk for like 1,5 hours and not buying the thing.

There was a reason why I agreed the meeting, though. I offered them the only thing I could do, and I thought we were going to talk about it, instead of 1,5 hours of their lecture. If this is such a great program, why not sell it online? I proposed them a social media plan, and it turned out that this great company who invented this pyramid was about to launch its own ad campaign and any internet activity was forbidden. That is the silliest thing I have ever heard. They want a pyramid, they want people to recruit other people but they don't allow it online for whatever the reason might be.  I mean, you encoruage me to spread the word, but with a catch: no online activity involved. 

I will respect their rules anyway and won't mention the name of this pyramid, in case my cousin might get into some trouble because of it. Well, wait, he might already be in trouble because he first mentioned me about this on MSN.   

So it turned out to be a complete loss of time. I wasn't going to buy the plan ayway but at least I could have run a social media campaign to help them recruit other people. Or better, I could have skipped the whole thing and came home earlier and pay attention to some other things which matters.


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