July 06, 2010

trapped in one dimensional thinking

at this very moment, i am witnessing the most stupid debate about turks, arabs, and jews, and i decided to share my pain with you in case you missed the action in turkish.

i call this one dimensional thinking disorder. i dont have the guts to say that im completely immune from it, but at least, i try. i really hate it when people take sides on serious matters as if this is a football game and make their stand completely based on their political preferences.

now, as a historical fact here, the arab nation chose their own independence as opposed to continue being subjected to the ottoman empire. this whole event has been perceived as treachery, and it is completely understandable for the time. arabs had reasons to uprise and turks had reasons to see it as a treachery. that was 100 years ago.

today, though, there are some people who say that they should not care about palestine because arabs betrayed turks. holy shit. i totaly understand what a big treachery this must have been 100 years ago, but is this really going to be how you react to a humanitarian crisis? or can this really be your excuse to ignore how people suffer there? i can relate if you say turkey should have more important priorities before poking the middle east. that makes perfect sense. but are you really going to make your stand with this betrayal thing?

there are also another group of people who totally reject this treachery concept and claim that the arabs were deceived and they were victimized and blah blah blah. but the thing is, they did choose their own independence and they did uprise the ottomans at the time. just because it didnt turn out as they were hoping does not mean they are victims.

they did what they did. and whatever it was, it was 100 years ago. it is the most silly thing to use it as an excuse to make a policy for today. this is not a football game. you cannot take sides when people are dying, or living in the most miserable conditions. you make a stand with your moral values, with rights and wrongs and what feels right to you. and honestly, it feels completely wrong to me when people say we should ignore palestine becaue whatever shit arabs did 100 years ago.

further on, it doesnt even matter if the ASALA terrorists were trained in palestine camps as it has always been alleged so. or it doesnt matter even if it is hard to find interntional events where the arabs backed turkey, nor they backed each other. vengeance is not the best virtue you should choose as a guideline in life.


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