January 01, 2011

ordinary people

I am just an ordinary guy. Whatever classsification you choose, i will pretty much be somewhere in the middle.

  • I am not poor, but i am not rich either and i really have to work hard to sustain the kind of life i have. 
  • I am not dumb, but i am not  very clever either. 
  • I am educated, but thats only good enough to know that i still don't know anything. 
  • I am not unlucky, and sometimes good coincidences hit me too, but i don't really consider myself as a very lucky person either.
  • I am not unhealthy but not fit either. I am obvioulsy overweight and trying my best to get rid of my excessive fat, but at least, i am not obese or anything. 
  • I am good at what i am doing, but i am not the best guy in the field if only there is one.
  • I love video games, and play them, but i am never the best scorer.
I don't know, i can't simlpy name anything that i am a true marvel at. I am just an ordinary guy. And i don't think this is going to change in this new year - of which the first da is about to end.

Anyways, i wish you a happy year for all the ordinary people out there.


Ayak said...

There's no such thing as an ordinary person...in my ordinary opinion! You probably underestimate your capabilities. Maybe you just haven't discovered your particular talent yet. We are all unique...and that's not ordinary is it?

Happy New Year xx

jedilost said...

You are right, we are all unique, yet ordinary :) But honestly, accepting the fact that i am not special makes me a better person. I don't pursuit high dreams in vain.

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