December 27, 2010


I was a little kid when the first Tron movie was released. I watched it at my grandparents', on their TV set with a video player. They were the times right after the military coup in Turkey, and movies weren't really coming to the theaters. I don't know, maybe it was something political or simply maybe the distributors didn't have enough money to distribute big movies. And of course, those films were not coming to video tapes in a legal format. They were shamelessly pirated and nobody gave a shit about it back then. As a matter of fact, i don't think anything changed today and people don't still give a shit about the pirated copies.

Well, i can merely remember one or two scenes from the movie. But i remember i adored it.

Then came the game: Tron Deadly Discs. I spent hours and hours playing this game. I had a 4k PC which did not have a popular brand name, and my game options were really very limited. I think i had 6 games in total and i really spent unbelievable amount of time on these 6 games. Tron was not really my favorite, but i liked it anyway and played it.

So today, i had a chance to watch the new Tron movie on big screen. Well, i had some other things to do so i didn't really watch it, but i had a chance to see the arena fight. I don't know if it resembles the old movie, i can't remember that, but it definitely resembles the arena in the game. But of course, you may need to use some wild imagination to find a connection between a 3D movie and a game which looks exactly like this:

But the reason why i wrote this post is quite different. I don't how to describe it, because it is one of those very private moments which is individual-spesific. The whole thing initiated some sort of a chemical reaction in my brain and my body. This extremely slight connection between the two images helped me to bound to my childhood. And what i felt was kind of something i wish i could feel all the time.

Now it is all gone, and all i can do is to try to write it, simply because i don't know what else to do.


Ayak said...

Sometimes something will happen...maybe a sound or a smell, or some other small thing that will immediately transport us back to childhood. It's very strange, often enjoyable while it lasts, but sometimes sad. Amazing what our brain can do isn't it?

jedilost said...

That's right. And since we are all seperate indiviuals, there is no way that one can enjoy something as much as the other does. And there is no way -at least not yet- to pass this kind of an experience to the other.

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