December 14, 2010


Anybody remembers the movie Running Man, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold plays a prisoner who obviously is framed for somethnig he hasn't done. And his only way to freedom is a TV show, a wild game in which death row inmates are given a chance in an arena. If they succeed, they are freed. If not, then it means they are dead.

Even though i haven't seen mentioned anywhere, i am pretty sure that the movie is based on a story by Stephen King. I am not really a King fan, but i clearly remember reading that particular story about a man in a game show with the exact same concept. The difference is, King's story pretty much focused on the show itself, while in the movie there is another challenge Arnold has to overcome.

It turns out that, in the movie, Arnold is actually a good cop who refuses to obey the direct order to shot fire at innocent civilians. So the system punsihes him. And the media shows makes him look like a pshycopath who kills civilians even though he is ordered not to. So, Arnold has to survive from the game, and then he has to find the actual footage which prooves that he is innocent.

What a wild imagination this movie has, right? Media shows a man doing something which he explicitly refuses to do? Gosh, how do they come up with these crazy ideas? Thanks God, it is just a science-fiction and the world we are living in has nothing to do with the world shown in the movie.

Well, at least we don't have arenas in which people are killed just for the sake of a little entertainment. At least, not yet.


Ayak said...

I have never liked Arnold Schwarzeneger so consequently have never watched any of his films...I've just seen excerpts here and there. I don't like this type of film either. I'm afraid I like films with a good REALİSTIC storyline. I guess you could say I like to use my own imagination rather than someone do it for me!

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