December 02, 2010

Kaiser Soze

Even though Reservoir Dogs is still one of the best moives i've watched so far, i sort of think that Jackie Brown is the best movie came from the director Tarantino. I love Jackie Brown because it relies on real suspense rather than some exegrated viloence scenes which Tarantino apparently thinks that he is best at.  You can't believe how much i was frustrated while watching the movie Kill Bill.

So anyway, last night i was watching the movie The Usual Suspects from the director Bryan Singer with my wife at home, and in a moment of enlightment i realized that the movies The Usual Suspect and Jackie Brown use the same method with a different technique.

Twisting the story is what most movies do. Actually, twisting a a story to an unexpected direction is pretty much the biggest factor to like or dislike a movie. The best it twist, the best we tend to like it. And these two movies, twist the story by telling us what we haven't seen before.

OK so, there is a mildly spoiler in here. So if you haven't watched those two movies just don't let me spoil them. You are warned.

In the movie Jackie Brown, Tarantino shows us the very same scene but from different perspectives over and over again. So essentially you watch the very same thing, but in fact it is a different scene because you see what you haven't seen before. In the movie The Usual Suspects however, you don't repeatedly watch the same scene. But you follow the adventure through a series of flasbacks, and between those flashbacks, the characters tell you something new so you start to keep watching things with the new information at hand. (THE BIG SPOILER ALERT:) First you think there is coke in the ship, then suddenly you learn that it is not about coke or money: it is about getting rid of someone.

Yeah, when i think about it, they both are great movies.


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