February 01, 2011

what is the point of possesion?

i really don't understand why demons kill people in movies. i can understand if a mindless beast attacks and kills you instinctively, but there is something which doesn't really make sense to me if a demonic creature tries to kill you.

i mean, what is the point? Satan and his creatures try to spread evil, right? so they actually have nothnig to do with your life. a demonic creature will gain too little if nothnig by taking your life. what will happen next? will you go to hell? well, if you are a bad human being you will go there anyway so what's the rush? and besides, if you are indeed a bad guy, it means the evil is now one person less in spreading the malice on earth. or if you are a good person, you will go to heaven and it means the demon lost the game, doesn't it?

i willl tell you why demons kill people in movies: because this is the only way they can abuse you. it is etiher because they want to make a good movie or because patheticaly trying to promote some religious ideology, they know that they want to make you fear. and what is more fearful than claiming your life? so, demons kill you.

and have you noticed the skeptical priest pattern in exorcist movies? there is always a skeptical priest, even a non-believer in these movies who miracolusy finds the faith in himself because yes, he confronts the Satan himself in the end. Creating a good conflict is everything in a movie, and i am sorry guys but this skeptical exorcist thing is the weakest conflict ever. If I come across with Satan himself and if i am really sure he is Satan, what the heck am i going to suspect? That is the moment i become the most faithful. No conflict. Final.

So that must be the real reason why Satan does not posses human bodies in real life, because it would be too obvious for him while in fact his biggest trick is to convince everybody that he doesn't exist.

I may enjoy an exorcist movie, but only because of the reasons why i would enjoy a good horror movie. There has to be some quality in it. I must feel the sincerety of it.

From my point of taste, the movie Last Exorcism is a good one. The movie The Rite, however, is a pathetic one.


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