February 05, 2011

silly saturday perfect

my blogmate Ayak started this silly saturday niche some time ago. she shares those silly little things, those embarassing moments in her blog pretty much regularly. i will give the link to her blog at the end of this post in case you may want to check out yourself, but somehow i doubt if it will be any use because sometimes i feel like she is the only one who reads me, lol.

i have a very silly saturday story for today, and for a change, i will share it in my own blog because this is so stupid that it deserves its own monument. and besides it is upmostly upsetting that i really have to try to cool it off or it may literally burn my nerves.

now, my job mainly consists of two particular tasks: 1. translating a movie for subtitles. 2. synchronizing (or spotting as we call it) the subtitles with the movie.

the clients we work for are free to choose their own translators. meaning that i dont translate all those movies. but, it is me who does the spotting (at least for most of the times)  if they come to us for subtitling. and even though this spotting job might seem a very fun and easy job, believe me it is not. it is easy to spot the subtitles if im already the translator. i know what goes where. but if the client uses a diffeent translator, it is very probable that they will work with someone who doesnt understand or care the basics of subtitling. if that is the case, then my job is a nightmare. there are times when i spend two or three days working on the same movie, practically meaning that i re-translate the entire thing because it is uselss in the original form.

so, there is this turkish film which is going to be released pretty soon (hint: follow me on twitter and you will know which movie i am talking about). and as it is the case with turkish films almost all the time, we have a deadly short deadline. now, the subtitling project is the very last sub project for the entire film making process, so we are always the guys who have to work fast to catch the deadline.

and yesterday i finally received the dvd of that film. now, i have been asking for that dvd for like a week. i told my boss everyday that i needed the dvd. and she (supposedly) talked to the client. i recieved it only yesterday.

now, the first stupid thing i realized was the hand written date on the dvd. it said february 2nd. let me remind you, it was february 4th yesterday. so for whatever silly reason i dont know, they sent the dvd to me two days after they actually made it. and all that time i was crying out that i needed that dvd. unfortunately, this is the kind of misorganization i have to deal with all the time.

the feet suffer because of the mindless head:
 a turkish proverb.

so i got the dvd yesterday. and as always, there are several projects going on at the same time. so im making my plans. i will take the dvd home with me. i will finish some other translation on saturday (today) i will work on the spotting of that movie on sunday (tomorrow). and yesterday (friday) was another busy day for me and i could hardly leave the office at midnight.


 Now I have to go back to the office, which wont take less than 2 hours in the messy Istanbul traffic, i will get into my room, take the dvd which wont take more than a stupid one minute, and go back to home in the  still messy Istanbul traffic. and i will be wasting my entire saturday because...  yes, i am a moron who is incapable of taking the stupid dvd with himself even though he is ridicolously making  plans about it.  

and this is my silly saturday perfect.

so anyway, if you want to check this marvellous blog that Ayak runs, just click somnewhere on this very sentence. 

and even though it is completely irrelevant, i couldnt help but give the link for this (in)famaous one minute video.


Ayak said...

Now look here jedilost...I am sure I'm not the only one who reads your blog...just look at your total pageviews!

Anyway I really do sympathise...forgetting the dvd and having to waste all that time in traffic. But I'm glad you told the story because I did wonder what kind of translation work you do, and now I know...it's very interesting.

I liked the Erdoğan video clip...I hadn't seen that before...it's difficult to shut him up once he starts isn't it?

Thanks for the link to my blog xxx

jedilost said...

oh, i could have told you what i do if you had asked me earlier, without all this dvd hassle :))

actually, you are right, Ayak. You can't be the only who reads my blogs. I checked the stats and saw that my posts are read 8 or 9 times in average. well, this means 8 or 9 times more than i initially thought, so i must embrace it with joy :))

And about RTE, all i can say is, i really dont like the direction he is leading the entire country.

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