August 07, 2012

pattern, part 3

I really don't want to fill this blog with political posts but I just need to sum up two previous posts about this pattern I have seen in the political arena in Middle East.

As I said earlier, the incidents in Syria and Turkey's own PKK problem share similarities which can't be explained by coincidence. The methods, the support system, the way international media prefers to look at the matter, they're all the same.

And, if you widen the time span, you will see the exact methods in an earlier era.

Turkey has a lot of pressure coming from the international society to accept (at least to an extend) the allegations about the Armenian Genocide. While it is indeed very true that Armenians suffered a lot during the deportation, it is an hypocrisy to totally ignore the events which caused the deportation.

The methods Armenian guerilla groups used in late 1800s and early 1900s are exactly the same. They first started attacking and killing their own Armenian community. Just like Kurdish terrorists did in mid 80s. Actually, if you widen the time and geographic span, you'll see the exact same methods applied by Greeks and Bulgarians, too.

And why did they start killing their own people in the first place? Because they needed to eliminate any opposition within. They killed or scared to death anyone who opposed them, anyone who refused to provide  help.

All these events are not coincidentally similar but different movements. They all serve the same ambition to take control of the lands which were once controlled by the Ottomans.

Make no mistake. I am not one of those delusional neo-Ottoman fools who dream about building the empire once again. On the contrary, I wish everyone could have seen what a silly idea this is. I can see that it is a very bad idea and it adds more problems to the ones we already have.

So I think it is extremely important to see that all these incidents are not separate from each other but strongly tied together.


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