August 02, 2012

managing time

I've been using this online tool, toggl, to measure the time i spend working. The result was quite shocking.

It turned out that I work far less than i initially thought. I don't mean the time spent in front of the computer. That must be as long as forever. I am talking about the time i actually do professional stuff to make money. That's either translating, or some other errand closely related to translation.

But, even in the busiest week, i spend around 40 hours, which is probably standard anyway. So it was a shock to me.

What are the possible reasons? Well, for a starter, I am indeed getting older. And I get tired far easier than I used to. This is one of the problems.

Second, even though I love my job, I think I past the saturation point. So unless I am not working on a really very cool project, I lose interest.

Thirdly, now I have a family. I can't put all my efforts into translating as I used to. And this is indeed important.

But still, I wasn't expecting this.

Let me remind you though, I am a translator and this is quite different than most of the office jobs. I mean, there are a lot of people sitting in the office and doing business now and then, such as taking a phone call or replying an email, or maybe presenting a report. And if you ask them, they will say they worked all they long.
It is quite different for me. When I am doing business, then I am doing business, not chatting on the latest social media application. It means I physically and mentally devote myself to that job.

Yet, I think I am getting older.

By the way, if you want to measure the time you spend on various things, you can check this free online tool called toggl.


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