March 24, 2012

moody when sleepy

Some time not so long ago i had a harsh dialogue with one of my  clients. Even though my intention was to take things easy, i just couldn't help but speak in a harsh tone. The client wanted to change the initial agreement we had due to change of situation. Well, that simply meant they changed their mind about a project, and my biggest error in here was not to estimate this change of mind in the first place even though it was quite foreseeable.

But, I was planning to find a middle way which pretty much meant that i had to sacrifice things.

But the dialouge didn't go in that way. I told them that I should not be the one who suffers because they changed their mind about something.

I tend to define myself as a mild mannered person and i usually try to find a way to solve a problem even though it usually means that i will be the one who has to pay the price. But when I don't sleep much, my mood changes. I tend to get angry easily at almot anything and my level of tolarence makes a very big fall. So i lose my flexibility, ususally along with my manners and I play rude before you know it - which actually means i become franker than you would like me to. 

The next day, when I have a good sleep, i pretty much regret the way i talked the day before, mainly because i really don't feel like that kind of a guy.

And sometimes i wonder, which one is better? Because seriously, the moody me is really better at protecting my rights while the milder me agrees for 50% of the initial agreement, only the very next day. However he is also more likely to lose a client who i really need.  I really don't know.


Ayak said...

Trying to get a balance between the two moods is the best way of course, but not always easy to achieve. Like you, I am very moody when I don't get enough sleep..not pleasant company at all.

And you achieve better results by being assertive rather than aggressive...sometimes we confuse the two....I often do.

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