August 01, 2011

eastern promises

The movie Eastern Promises is actually about Russian mafia in London and it has very little to do with anything Turkish in it, but the opening scene has some Turkish dialogues so i thought i should talk about it in my "movies with something Turkish in it" category.

In fact, the only thing Turkish in this movie is the old guy and his nephew who speak Turkish, and later on, it turns out that they're Kurdish, not Turkish. And honestly, even that is not enough to explain the horrible accent they talk. And even though the Turkish dialogues are just a few, the old man manages to make the wrong choice of words. He tries to calm his nephew saying "Durgun." which is obvioulsy a wrong pick from the dictionary.

But don't bother, this Turkish/Kurdish touch is not really significant for the overall plot, and it wouldn't really matter if the guy was from anywhere else. As I told you, the film is actually Russian mafia, and it was quite an interesting film. 

I was too tired and it was indeed a very hot night yesterday, but my wife and I kept watching it until the end credits, and we would do that if there weren't anything Turkish in it. Yet, it is still nice to hear or see something local in a foreign movie.


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