August 05, 2010

sleeping on my feet

in fact, this is not news for me. i know that i can do it, because it happened before. and it happened this very morning too. i slept while i was standing in the bus on my way from home to work.

i had a very urgent job to finish. and i finished it. however though, it pretty much means im awake for more than 24 hours, if you don't count the time i slept in the bus.  well, and of course it wasn't a proper sleep but it wasn't a simple black out for a few seconds, either. i closed my eyes, and opened it, and must have been like 10 minutes.

well, at least nobody will be deprived of the turkish subtitles for the lyrics of the songs in the movie...  oh god, i think i forgot the title of the movie. and im not joking.


Ayak said...

I've never actully managed to sleep standing up but I have managed it on the back of the motorbike. although I have to fight to stay awake because of the danger!

jedilost said...

It is really very dangerous, if i fall down while sleeping in the bus, i all lose is some charisma maybe. but if you fall from a motorbike... no, that's too dangereous.

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