August 02, 2010

back from vacation

All i wanted was to lay down and read my book(s). And i did that in my first part of vacation. For the most part of it, we stayed in a small town at Agean Sea, named Küçükkuyu. This is when i mostly read my book when i wasn't busy with sleeping, or swimminng, or drinking, or doing some other things. Later on, we hit the roads to enjoy more of the region. We took a lot of pics, as expected, but they are mostly taken by my wife's camera and i am too lazy to upload them to my computer and select the non-private ones and publish online. So just don't expect me to post any pictures.

It was a cool vacation in general even though there were some minor bugs and i hope i can remember to remind myself about those bugs next time.

So, here i am, at my office desk one more time, enjoying another work day -you can bet. Things are as busy as i left them, and those regular office problems are as regular as you can find in any other office in any other office in the world.


Ayak said...

Hi there. I just popped over here to say thankyou for calling in at my blog today. I've just added myself to your Followers list, and would be happy if you would like to add yourself to mine.
I'll be back for a more thorough read of your blog when I have a little more time.

jedilost said...

Hello Ayak. Welcome :) I tried to post another comment to your blog but there seems to be a problem. the "post comment" button and also some other links in your blog don't work :(

Ayak said...

I have no idea what's causing this problem, which has been going on since last week..See this link

As you can see...Blogger Help are really not very helpful!

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