November 19, 2013

My Bit Of Contribution to the Turkish Advanced Democracy

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan never misses an opporturnity to remind us that Turkey is now in the advanced democracy phase, as opposed to archaic regime the Republic used to have before their time.

It is so advanced that it is clearly beyond the scope of the minds of a lot of people who can't make sense from the words: "There're male and female students who live in the same apartment. I'm democratic and conservative, and I can't allow such a thing. We will make the necessary regulations."

It is such an advanced democracy that my archaic mindset can't grasp the mentality behind the police raids to students' apartments right after the PM's statement, wtihout even caring to wait for the mentioned regulations.

Yet, this is such an advanced democracy that, the government actually makes a survey to find out that 90 something% of the people would never allow their daughters to live with a boy - which is of course more than enough to justify the  deeds of our most democratic prime minister and his army of the most elite police force.

However, since PM Erdoğan also loves to remind us in every opportunity that he is the protector of everybody's rights, even the atheists,  his last statement about this boy - girl thing might sound like a little bir controversial to his own self.

I hold the key to this dilemna and it is actually a true win - win formula.

We also know that PM Erdoğan and his co. just love to demolish everything they set their eyes to, to build malls and residences and more malls and more residences.

So, why don't we demolish everything in this country and make malls and residences and more malls and more residences everywhere, every nook in this country?

Evey  mall-residence complex will be a seperate entity. And every single one from the hard core Islamists to gorgi practicing students will find a dome to live as they wish. Nobody has to see the other, nobody has to know about the existence of the other.


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