September 30, 2011

(un)finished art projects tend to drive me mad

I remember reading an article about the piece of a famaous artist. The man who bought the picture calls the artist to make sure if a certain spot on the canvas is a mistake or something delibarate. So the famaous artist comes and checks his work, says that it must be a glitch, and corrects his painting right away.

So in a way, the article says, a picture is a never concluded art form and the artist may change it anytime.

I think differently. Even if it is a never-intended glitch, it is a part of the art piece and it should not be corrected. That's how it was created in the first place. I know that an artist would like to reach perfection rather than seeing a glitch on his work, but if it is done, then it is done.

The same thing should go for all other art forms, whether it is a piece of literature, or a movie, if you consider the latter as an artist form.

Whether art or not, if a movie is finished and released, it should be condisered concluded and not altered any more. So, you see, I really love the Star Wars series, but I hate to see George Lucas enchanting changing the picture over and over, adding and removing things, etc. And he does that even for the films of the series which he didn't direct himself. If it is done, then it is done. I watched and loved the films in the 80s and I prefer to see them in the way I loved them when I was a kid.

And there is this Turkish movie which I prefer not to mention the name because it is directly related to my job. But you see, there are 4 different versions of the very same movie that I am aware of. The movie was a huge success in the domestic market in Turkey, and the director keeps sending it to various festivals with various versions.  I think this is kind of cheating. And it should probably be banned.


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