July 13, 2011

what is the difference between cheating and pretending as if cheating?

My wife and I watched one of the old episodes of the tv show Californication, last night. And let me tell you this, the show takes the notion complicated to a far new level. The kind of life those people in the show are having is beyond my comphresension. And even though I prefer to define myself as a supporter of indiviual freedom, this show really makes me consider my thoughts on the issue. It pretty much seems like freedom may be extremely destructive if you are not equipped with the right tools which will make it useful.

To make things clear, let me assure you that i am not trying to put myself in a morally superior position. God knows what I would have been doing if I had been one of those characters. But let me assure you one more thing, even though i find myself wishing that i lived in a more liberal society, more than often, this kind of "lost in freedom life" is too much for me.

But I'm not going to discuss that today. There was something very intersesting in that episode we watched last night, which made me think: "what is the difference between cheating and pretending as if you cheated?"

There is this Hank character who is a total womanizer. And there is this Karen character who is his... err, i don't know, it is indeed complicated. They obviously love each other but they have an impossible relation because Hank is not a kind of a person of responsibilities. He is a good guy in nature, but he just doesn't care enough for anything. Or at least, this is how I see him.

So, last night, this Karen character told Hank that a particular third guy is a good kisser, implying that they made sex, or at least kissed passionetly. It was not true. They did not make sex, and they did not even kiss. The other guy tried to kiss her, thinking that he had a green light, but Karen stopped him. Their lips contacted for a few seconds, but it was not a legitimate kiss.

But Karen wanted Hank to think that they kissed. I can understand her reasons. She wants to make Hank jeolous. It is another matter if it is right to make sex with (or even kiss) another person to revenge or to make someone jeolous, but given the fact that she chose to do that, what is the point in not actualy cheating someone but pretending as if you did? I mean, this is not some kind of an unfortunate misunderstanding. She delibaretly choses to make him think in a particular way, even though she doesn't do it. She is obvioulsy not the kind of a person who would pursue her basic instincs, but she choses to make him belive that she is like that. And I don't get that --  lol, as if I get anything going on in that show.


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