June 16, 2011

brain power

Would you prefer to be ultimately handsome, or ultimately rich, or ultimately clever?

We used to ask this question to each other pretty frequently when we were kids. I remember "being rich" was never the answer, because you could always get rich if you were ultimately clever or ultimately handsome, using appriopriate methods of your choice.

The movie Limitless is about the story of a loser writer who is introduced to a miracle pill which boosts his brain power. And suddenly he becomes a very smart person. For the first time in his life, he knows what to do and he knows how to do it.

And it was like an answer to our cliche question: "Looks is nothing. You have to be smart."

The intresting thing is,  I bet if you go and ask any person out there, he/she will tell you how important it is to be clever. Now, go and ask him/her what he has ever done to be more clever. I am not talking about miracle pills -which would be great- but I am talking about anything. OK, maybe his/her mother made her drink lentil soup when he/she was a kid, because there is a common belief in Turkey that lentil soup makes you more clever -even though I never proved it personally :(. But other than that, ask him/her what he has really done to improve his/her brain.

Then ask him/her what he/she has done or is still doing to improve the skin, the beauty, the breasts, the dongle and such. Or, open your spam box and see if anyone has ever cared to post you some miracle solution to boost your brain power. Look harder, maybe there is one little mail you missed between all those viagra ads. If you are really bored and don't have much to do, perhaps you can scan the newspapers for the last 3-4 months or longer to compare the news stories about a new method to boost your sexual power and brain power.

OK now, I am not a fool to tell you that sexual power is not important, because of course it is, but don't you really think brain power is extremely underrrated even though it might actually be the cure for all of your problems? Or, doesn't people care about it?

In one of his Tolstoy's novels, I remember a character mentioning a poem which was something like:
Everybody complians about their situation
But nobody complians about their mind
They seem very content about it.


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