September 17, 2010

this is not an accident but a murder

Last sunday, while the rest of Turkey was still enjoying a 5 day long holiday, 13 people were killed in a very tragic accident. Yet, i refuse to call this an accident.

Turkish laws suggests that a traffic accident is an accident, and the responsible parties are punsihed due to that. Meaning that, any moron who thinks that he/she is superior than the laws and violates the traffic rules can easily get away with a few years sentence even if he/she kills another human being.

Among all that shitty things i see in the news, such accidents are what drives me crazy the most. I totaly belive in zero tolarence in traffic, and anybody who violates the rules should be punished severely. This is not a joke. 13 people were killed last Sunday because a moron mini-bus driver thought that he could just "ignore" the red light. The truck driver is also guilty as far as i can see from the video, but i think the real responsible guy is the mini-bus driver. He also died in his own slaughter alike accident, and i hope he burns in hell for taking 12 lives with him just because he is an ignorant bastard.


Ayak said...

I am always shocked at the number of people who sail through red lights. It's terrifying.

Interestingly I have also written a post today about traffic police, although relating to my husband's situation where he never seems to have the correct documentation and is at risk of being stopped by traffic police.

I have to say however in his defence, that he is probably the safest most careful Turkish driver that I know.

I picked up from Nomad's blog that you are unable to comment again on my blog. I'm really sorry about this but I can't seem to solve the problem. I think it's beyond my control.

Nomad said...

You see this kind of carelessness everywhere in Turkey (and probably a lot of countries) and especially with the attitude that laws are for "other" people (not for me.)
You can easily find examples of it if you look. A general lack of responsibility- a school mini-bus driver with his music cranked up loud, children with the arms out the windows, passing other cars on a narrow road, going way too fast. And obviously parents can see it but not one person steps in to, say, that's unacceptable.
Or a whole family on one motorcycle. Babies sitting the laps of drivers.

Given all the stupid risks people take when driving here, you have to marvel that there are not MORE people dying on the roads.

jedilost said...

i couldnt find a chance to read your post Ayak, but i know that sometimes rules might be too overhelming with a lot of stupid paperwork. i understand sometimes people seem to have a very sensible reason not to obey the laws, but this whole thing brought Turkey to the verge of true chaos. everybosy thinks they can make an exception.

actually, there are a lot of people getting killed in traffic in Turkey, Nomad. i think the yearly toll is more than what PKK terror causes.

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